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Green Glue creates a great acoustic sandwich!

Green Glue is a constrained layer damping material. It must be used between two layers of building materials – i.e. plywood or drywall to be effective. Green Glue is not effective as a paint or surface coating.

Performance is improved when additional layers are added to the sandwiched assembly.


One tube of Green Glue will cover approximately 16 square feet. One sheet of drywall (32 sq.ft.) will require 2 tubes of Green Glue. If budget allows, the use of 3 tubes per sheet of drywall will slightly improve the low-frequency performance around the primary resonance. Do not use more than 3 tubes per sheet of material as the performance will worsen, not improve.

Green Glue can be applied in one of two ways:

1. Apply the Green Glue directly to the wall or ceiling, and then raise a sheet of the building material (i.e. drywall) onto the wet surface. Screw into place per normal building practices.

2. Apply the Green Glue to the building material (i.e. drywall) while it is on the floor or lift, then raise the panel and press onto the wall or ceiling. Screw into place. This is considered a neater and cleaner method of installation.

Hanging the First Layer of Drywall

After hanging the first layer of drywall it would be beneficial to seal the seams by using caulking or by applying a setting type of drywall mud. Make sure the first layer is smooth with no lumps and bumps. Any protruding bits of mud or caulk will prevent the next layer from sitting flat against the first layer of drywall.

Applying Green Glue to the Sheet of Material

Cut the tip opening in the Green Glue tube from 1/8” to 3/8”. Apply 2 – 3 tubes of Green Glue over each 4’ X 8’ sheet. The application pattern is random, but it should be uniform throughout the sheet. You can leave a border around the outside to make it easier to carry the sheet without getting your hands in the Green Glue. This will not affect the sound isolation performance.

Fastening the second layer of drywall on top of the first layer

For the best sheet to sheet contact, place the first screws in the centre of the drywall, and work towards the outside edges.

Apply the second layer of drywall well within 15 mins. Drywall sheets must be screwed together while the Green Glue is still wet.

Important Note:
I n construction applications screws are always used when using Green Glue. Green Glue is in no way a replacement for screws. Screws assist with the compression of the Green Glue into a thin film – they will not degrade the performance.

Green Glue Smell: Much like paint, when applying a lot of Green Glue you will notice an odour. This is harmless and will dissipate quickly once dry. Work in a well ventilated area. A cold room will not promote drying and will slow down the drying process causing the smell to last longer.

Green Glue Drying Time: Because Green Glue is water based, curing time is required for effectiveness of treatment to be apparent. Expect 7 to 10 days drying time before sound isolation begins to improve. Low temperature and high humidity increases cure time.

Take precautions to ensure that the Green Glue goes only where you want it to. If the Green Glue contacts other surfaces, make sure it is removed before it dries.
Products that clean well are Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil* and citrus based cleaners like Goof-Off* and Goo-Gone*. There is nothing harmful about Green Glue, but it can be tough to clean up, especially after it has dried. Installers should be advised to use drop cloths and latex gloves.

*Users of these and any other products are responsible for determining suitability for their application.